Receiving the product


If the package does not match the ordered items, and this happens in front of the person who delivers it, we will complete your order with the missing items at our expense.
If the package has been damaged before it is received, you may refuse taking it, and you may fill in a complaint order provided by Cargus, and keep one copy of it, afterwards please inform us as soon as possible. If you still decide to accept the damaged package, please check the eventual quality and quantity differences in the presence of the courier.

If there is any quality difference compared to the product description, or presentation photo of the product, you will receive a full refund, without retaining shipping costs. Please note that the products made of natural material can have small differences in color, compared to the products on the photos.

To ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients and to avoid similar issues, each package is double checked and photographed before shipping, to be helpful in a complaint situation.

If you notice any damages on the package, please notify us in any ways mentioned above. We do not accept complaints for any damage found afterwards.

Ownership rights

The seller holds the ownership of the products until it has been received and paid for it. The unaccepted and returned , even though they have been paid in advance, the product will be kept in our custody and held for 60 days. Meanwhile we cannot contact the customer; the merchandise will be sold again. After 60 days from returning the product, the customer loses any rights over the ordered product.

If the owner of the abandoned products contacts us, in no more than 6 months, he will receive his products- with the new shipping costs included- if they are still available on stock, or he will receive a voucher equal to the amount paid beforehand, without the returning costs.


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