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Is there a woman out there who does not wish to be sparkling? Probably not. Every woman dreams about being in the spotlight and to attract all the attention, in other words to be a showstopper. From Cleopatra to Liz Taylor women have relied on their beauty, charm and luxury jewelry to obtain the real precious stone of their lives, that is.. happiness. Thus probably the most important asset of a woman's look is the accessories that she is wearing. Luxury accessories are very popular among women, especially if they are with semi precious stones, since the different hues of the stones can aid you when your wardrobe needs a lift. Lose yourself among our beautiful accessories, just sit back and enjoy the view.

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  1. Prayer beads (1)
  1. amber (1)
  1. cherry (1)
  1. aries (1)
  2. capricorn (1)
  3. leo (1)
  4. scorpio (1)
  1. $300 - $399.99 (1)
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  1. 8 mm (1)
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  1. round beads (1)


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