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Semi Precious Stone Sets

In this category you can find Sterling Silver jewelry sets,that include silver pendants and earrings decorated with semi precious and precious stones. Silver is a white metal which is one of the precious metals that was known to all Ancient civilizations. Silver and precious stones combined, give jewelry an elegant style and an attractive look. The jewelry you wear is the final touch of the your outfit. Silver jewelry sets are very affordable and versatile at the same time- a must have for your jewelry collection. Silver jewelry does not cause irritations and it can be combined with any outfit, making it suitable for any occasion. Silver jewelry means femininity, shimmer, color and elegance in one word. Silver is always on fashion, all you have to do is find the one that brings out your inner diva!

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  1. Jewelry sets (3)
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  2. heart (1)
  1. heart (1)
  2. teardrop (1)
  1. Elegant (2)


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