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The Shamballa bracelet is the world's latest fashion!! Even though we might think that these bracelets are just another wim, they actually have a story to tell. Basically every bracelet has its own personality and it is 100% percent unique. Shamballa bracelet as a piece of jewelry, does make an appearance with its unique assets an glittering beauty. They are made of a cord which is tied, braided and knotted in a special way, while combined with different colored gems and crystals. They look trendy with any kind of outfit, being one of the few bracelets that men can also wear.
Shamballa bracelets are bound to make every one of us happy since they can match a numerous outfit and have an individual look.
Each Shamballa bracelet has a different meaning since they have different colors.
The black Shamballa is the most popular bracelet, first of all it is elegant, classy and last but not least it can be easily combined with any type of outfit. The black Shamballa symbolizes self confidence and mystery.
The white Shamballa reflects purity and perfection, thus this type of bracelet promotes energy for life, having a healing power on both body and soul.
The red Shamballa speaks of sexuality and passion. It provides its wearer with a sense of self confidence and stability. If you are feeling uncertain, try wearing red Shamballa.
The green Shamballa brings nature to mind, thus bringing joy and prosperity into relashionships. It promotes forgiveness and fresh starts in relashionships
The blue Shamballa evokes spiritual healing, helps in communication and in creative expressing.Blue is also associated with trust and organisational skills.
The dark blue Shamballa promotes intuition and physical strength.
The purple Shamballa is associated with happiness and spirituality, providing its wearer with self confidence and emotional stability.


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