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Also known as the 'cinnamon stone' ranges in color from honey-yellow to orange-brown and brown-red. Hessonite is an excellent crystal to soothe and reduce emotional extremes, especially if all your previous relationships have been unsuccessful. It releases old emotional trauma and encourages socialization and new trust. This brings joy and friendship, pleasure, and family togetherness. It is a happy and sharing stone, integrating the parts of our communal lives, bringing things and people together. It is a stone of physical pleasure and intimacy. In lighter shades, Hessonite promotes companionship and affection, while the darker crystals deepen the sense of belonging and home. Hessonite brings a soothing sensation to all who comes within its energy center. It is a very good stone to calm emotions, especially where it derives from emotional changes.  Where there are tensions in relationships of the heart, Hessonite can provide an air of peace so that a better flow of communication can have a chance to take place, while any tension or anger within can start to evaporate.  This is a stone that can help to settle anxiety and nerves. Recommended for the following zodiac signs: Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Cancer.

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