Product Warranty

The warranty granted for the purchased items includes the fact that the products are made of semi precious stones, pearls or silver, in which cased the item is marked, and does not change its properties if worn accordingly in a period of 2 years time from the date of purchasing.  Please note that the products made of natural material can have small differences in color, compared to the products on the photos. The warranty granted for handmade jewelry is 30 days from the day of purchasing.

According to Law 449/2003, article 11, paragraph 2, the buyer may not require the replacement of a piece of jewelry if it is chipped, broken or has fallen out from its original setting.
The product guarantee does not include the damage caused to jewelry by not taking into consideration our precautions and useful information below, regarding the purchased items. Furthermore it does not include any kind of accidents, carelessness or misuse of the jewelry.
In case that we replace the item, we cannot guarantee to deliver the same product. If the same model is not available we will deliver a similar item, equivalent in price. Our clients can return the item within 30 days from the day of receiving it, without giving any particular reason for doing so. The shipping costs are the client’s full responsibility. Kolok design Ltd. will refund the purchased amount in 30 days after receiving the package. Shipping and packaging costs will be charged separately.
The warranty period runs from the date of invoicing. We guarantee that in case the purchased item is damaged (in the warranty period) during normal wear, it will be repaired free of charge, or will be replaced with an identical item.
The warranty is granted only if the buyer can present the invoice with which the product was shipped. We refuse to grant the warranty services, in case the buyer cannot present the above mentioned document or the contained information is incomplete. Losing the invoice will void your warranty.

Precautions and useful information

We recommend a gentle handling of bracelets, chains, necklaces, especially when opening or closing them. In order to avoid the damaging of our products these should not be worn during bedtime, bathing, washing dishes or similar activities in which the jewelry could become in direct contact with water, cosmetics or chemicals. Organic materials such as amber, pearls, coral, and shell are very sensitive to cosmetics and chemicals.
Keep away the jewelry from small children. Do not keep the jewelry crammed in one place together with other jewelry, silver jewelry should be kept in small plastic bags, in a dry place. It should be avoided any contact of the jewelry with water, cosmetic products, moisture or heat to prevent any kind of deterioration.
If a silver jewelry is Rhodium plated, generally is more tarnish resistant. In case they are not treated with Rhodium, they are a lot more vulnerable when they are in contact with moisture or water, they can easily oxidize or darken- this is not a defect. Clean the jewelry with baking powder or with special solution for cleaning silver to restore their shine.

The following situations will void your warranty: intervention or repair by an unauthorized person, failing to respect the general conditions of maintaining and handling of the products.


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