Refund policy

Returning the order/ refund policy

In case of an order, our shop software will send you an email about the orders products. This is not considered a contract between the two parties. It only signifies the registration and the intention of purchasing.

We offer our customer to withdraw the order electronically, until the actual moment of shipping of the package. The order can be changed exclusively by e-mail or fax.

After receiving the package, the buyer has the right to notify us in writing that they want to return the product (within 30 days); they can do so, without giving a particular reason. SHIPPING COSTS ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. Make sure the items are well protected and wrapped similar to the way you received them. If possible, use the same packaging that was used to ship the items to you. 

If you will be making a return, please send the package to :

Kolok Design Ltd will refund the purchased amount in 30 days after receiving the package.  Make sure the items are well packaged, possibly similar to the way you received them. Items must be received in a similar condition in which they were shipped beforehand. In case the products have been damaged in any way, we have the right to reconsider the refund.


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