How do I purchase?

1. Choosing the product

Our client has the possibility of choosing and ordering any product from our webshop. They can look for the details of any particular product with a simple click. In case of purchasing a product, the buyer has to place it in the virtual shopping cart, clicking on the “ Add to cart” button.
In case you are interested in a product that is not in available at the moment, it is recommended to put it on the wishlist. As soon as we have that particular product, we will contact you via e-mail. Adding a product to the “ Wishlist”, does not involve any purchasing obligations, it does not mean a prompt preorder, it only shows your interest for that particular product. Clicking on “ Go to cart”, you will find your purchased items along with the prices without delivery costs, which will be added depending on what kind of delivery you will choose.
At this point you can finalize or change your order by checking the prices and the number of items purchased. In case you change your mind, you can delete all your items by clicking the X button, which will remove your product from the list. After viewing the content of your cart, by clicking on the “continue shopping” button you can still add items to your shopping cart.
By clicking on the Proceed to checkout button, you finalize your order and the payable amount will be calculated automatically.

2. Forwarding your order
If the purchased items and the prices are correct and you decide to buy the products, you can click on the “ Place order” button. Afterwards you can identify yourself as our client or you can finish your transaction without registering yourself. You can log in to our website with your facebook, Linkedin or Google+ account, furthermore will only have access to your name and email address.
The minimum order value is 15 USD.
In case you are our client, please enter your ID and password. If you would like to register as our new client, please complete the required personal data, which will be saved in our data base and next time you are visiting us, you only have to identify yourself. If you are buying from us without registration, please mention your name, the invoicing and delivery address and a valid phone number where we can reach you. Here you can use your voucher, if you have one, which allows you to benefit from extra discounts. 
Please note that fidelity pays off more bonuses and discounts, extra vouchers, personalized offers, thus it is in your best interest to create a personal account in our webshop.
Next you choose which delivery you prefer (personal receiving, sent by courier or by postal service) and payment method (credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, cash). If you are satisfied with the contents and price of your purchase, you can click on the “Place order” button.

One must be 18 years of age or older to be able to purchase goods from our site. They must agree and understand our terms of trade and security of this site.


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