Why wear fashion jewelry?

Trendy fashion jewelry is available in every color, this way it can easily be matched with all types of clothing and it usually has an accessible price. Wearing trendy fashion jewelry should be a creative experience, opening you up to different styles and perspectives.
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Wearing handmade jewelry is fun!

Handmade jewelry combines the colors of the vivid gemstones on different types of materials, it can highlight your neckline or your delicate wrists in the most sensual manner, and yet they remain simple and classy which makes them impossible to resist.

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Jewelry history

Jewelry is art, just like painting, designing, sculpting, each one is our way to express ourselves the best way we can.
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Keep your jewelry happy!

Cleaning your jewerly is another way to keeping them happy and shiny. Before running off to a jeweler and have a professional cleaning, it is a good idea to try more affordable remedies instead, there are a few things you can do to keep your jewelry look its best.
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What is the number one color of 2014?

This year we switch from emerald green to a more tropical and much warmer color, it is called Radiant Orchid. It is a rather interesting combination of pink, purple and violet, a color that enhances creativity and originality.

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About pearls

Pearls have been worn by humans since the Roman Empire to symbolize virginity, purity, beauty and the wearer's social status at the same time.

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Authentic or false Amber

People who are familiar with only a few properties of Amber, can easily be misled or simply cheated. In this article we have listed the most popular methods of amber falsification and how you can tell real from fake amber.
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What are the advantages of online shopping ?

In the last couple of years, online shops have gained extensive popularity. It is no doubt more convenient than going to the malls and spend precious time on endless searching for the right thing to purchase.
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